Finds: Elizabeth Peyton Beach Towel

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have long been a fan of Elizabeth Peyton. She was the darling of the art world in the 90's, capturing the essence of that time's angsty, rocker youth in her amazing portraits.

I was lucky enough to see the Live Forever exhibit at the New Museum in NYC. I have a long list of artists I plan to invest in when I have 'made it,' and she is at the top of the list. Strangely enough, she has popped up during my morning coffee-in-hand internet browsing, not once, but twice.

The first, the beautiful book, Live Forever, is on sale at One Kings Lane. (Coincidentally, another 'Made It' list artist has a book on sale at OKL too - Sally Mann.)

Then, she popped up on ShopBop when I was scouting a new watch (more on that later). I mean, really? An Elizabeth Peyton beach towel? That's both crazy and awesome.

 Not sure I can stomach spending $105 on a beach towel, but if I could, that would be the towel.

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