Project: Faux Bamboo DIY

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This weekend was a bit of blur. I tackled a hand full of neglected projects around the house, but of course, didn't accomplish everything. On my way out to grab some things from Home Depot, I stopped by our local Habitat for Humanity Reuse store. Such a treasure trove of good stuff, especially things ripe for a good DIY project. This time I spotted this.

It might be ugly now, but I see potential. I know faux bamboo is a hot trend right now, but I haven't tired of it. Here is a close up.

With a paint job and some new hardware, it could look like this after.

Kelly tackled a similar project and it turned out great. 

What do you think? Should I take it on?

Affordable Art: Erica Kirkpatrick

Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm always on the lookout for affordable art and I know I'm not alone. This post is the start of what will become a somewhat-regular series on affordable art. Of course, affordable is relative. It will be what I consider affordable.

Erica Kirkpatrick is our first affordable artist. She is a former graphic designer turned full-time painter from England. She specializes in landscapes, often with a muddied, abstract appearance. She primarily uses oils on canvas or board, but she has some collages available too.

Here is a selection of my favorites:

Her work ranges from around $120 to $650 and up. You can purchase her art here.

Affordable Art: Framed Hermes Scarves

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few years ago my sister gave me a framed Hermes scarf for my birthday. It's very special to me and has become one of my favorite pieces of art. I get so many comments on it because it is really beautiful and unique. Well, today this photo came across my Pinterest.

Gorgeous. I immediately decided I need three more scarves to compliment my existing one. Hermes scarves are very detailed so each one makes a unique statement. Anytime you display a collection think about the way the pieces fit together. Size and color are always a consideration. Hermes scarves are often one size (large squares), but they can come in many colors and subjects. I personally like the equestrian theme.

These are currently under consideration.

 Available through The Perfect Red Box, though eBay has many, many vintage and new scarves.

Garden Chores: January

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now that the holidays have come and gone (whew!), I can begin thinking about reclaiming my life. This includes my sad yard. We moved into our house with the neglected yard a few months ago, and I'm sorry to report that it remains neglected. After a spring and summer of renovations, our neighbors had high hopes for the yard, but 5 months later - nothing.

I blame it on the baby. How can I spend my time gardening when I have an adorable face to snorgle?

New year = new yard. I have high hopes for 2012. Here are my plans to kick it off right:

ORDER SEED CATALOGS: There are a number of good resources for plants, and catalogs give you great selections, tips and resources. See below for some of my favorites.

PUT UP PRIVACY FENCE: We are putting in a privacy fence in our backyard. Our yard backs up to a neighborhood street. The slope means pedestrians and drivers can look right into our kitchen and living area. I'd like to keep that from happening. Plus, it will provide a nice barrier and screen.

PLOT GARDEN: I'm installing some raised beds for gardening. I need to start thinking about construction, irrigation and seeds.

DISCARD LEAVES: We were lazy this fall (ahem, newborn baby) so our leaves are piled into corners of our yard. We need to get them into our leaf mold or onto the street for pickup.

MAINTAIN MOWER: The blades on our old mower should be sharpened this month, before the spring rush.

Seed Catalog Resources

B&D Lilies: A wonderful selection of, you guessed it, lilies. 
Baker Creek: Heirloom seeds.
Botanical Interests: Heirloom varieties. Check out the website, too.
Brent and Becky's Bulbs: Bulbs to bring your garden to life!
Nichols Garden Nursery: For those who love to cook out of their garden.
Plant Delights: My favorite, and lucky me, a local source.
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Southern garden and flower resource.

 Note: These chores are for zone 7B/8.