Gingham and Toile

Monday, January 13, 2014

The next decision I need to make with the nursery is fabrics. (Thankfully, we have all the old nursery furniture and I'm mixing it with some things we already own, so decorating decisions will be much easier this time around!)

I'm very drawn to the traditional combination of gingham and toile, though I want to make it a bit more modern and fresh. I may be drawn to this look because my sister is letting me use her blue gingham crib skit, but still, it's a classic pairing.

Some inspiration photos:
blue gingham toile 
Inspiration photo 
Serena Lily

purple gingham toile 
girl gingham and toile 

sweedish gingham toile 

 large toile

It's a Boy! (Yikes)

Friday, January 10, 2014

We found out just before Christmas that our baby due in May is a boy! It's very exciting, but I'll admit that I'm a little scared too! I have a lot of sisters and a little girl. I'm used to girls. Despite the initial apprehension, I'm also very excited for the adventure!

So, it's a boy. Now I need to start thinking about boy nursery ideas. The room color has basically already been chosen, mostly because we have a gallon of two different paint colors from previous projects and I promised my husband one would get used for the nursery.

I'm choosing between Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore

Healing Aloe Benjamin Moore

Or Celery Salt by Benjamin Moore

celery salt benjamin moore

Both colors are very soft and neutral. Healing Aloe is more of a blue-green, while Celery Salt is a gray-green with some yellow in it.

Paint will likely go up this weekend. Fingers crossed!