Affordable Art: Framed Hermes Scarves

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few years ago my sister gave me a framed Hermes scarf for my birthday. It's very special to me and has become one of my favorite pieces of art. I get so many comments on it because it is really beautiful and unique. Well, today this photo came across my Pinterest.

Gorgeous. I immediately decided I need three more scarves to compliment my existing one. Hermes scarves are very detailed so each one makes a unique statement. Anytime you display a collection think about the way the pieces fit together. Size and color are always a consideration. Hermes scarves are often one size (large squares), but they can come in many colors and subjects. I personally like the equestrian theme.

These are currently under consideration.

 Available through The Perfect Red Box, though eBay has many, many vintage and new scarves.

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